Pricing is discussed during the first and second consultations as part of the design process. A custom-designed couture wedding gown typically costs $2,000 or more. Pricing is based on the fabric choice, gown complexity, and the amount of hand beading or embroidery. I take a personal approach to gown design and pricing. Meki Couture offers three pricing structures, namely made-to-own, made-to-rent, or design-rental

Made-to-own: This option applies if you relish a gown that was designed and made only for you, to keep as a wedding treasure or to pass on to someone special. Generally, upon acceptance of the design, a 30% deposit is paid when selecting fabric from Meki's samples or a 20% deposit if the fabric is purchased by you. Final payment is due upon completion of the gown

Made-to-rent: Meki Couture also offers "made-to-rent" gowns where you also experience the excitement and pampering of a couture gown being made for you from scratch, but at a reduced price. It is returned and restored for our in-house collection after wearing it on your special day. Typically, cost will be 75% of the standard purchase price

Design-rental (rent from our in-house collection): You can also rent a gown from Meki Couture's in-house collection. These gowns were designed by Meki for bridal shows, demos, or "made-to-rent" clients. Alterations will be made in-house to fit you as part of the consultation and design phase. Typically, cost will be 50% of the standard purchase price

Other services will be quoted on an individual basis


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