Welcome. My name, Marleen, pronounded "Mar-l-ian", should give you a hint that I am relatively new to this neck of the woods. I grew up in the vibrant African culture of South Africa, where color, form, and rhythm combine in the heartbeat of creativity. I am passionate about fine sewing - a passion that developed throughout my youth, while studying food science at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. I moved to Blacksburg, Virginia to pursue a PhD in Food Science at Virginia Tech (2003), where I fell in love with the United States.  Throughout my short career as food scientist I slowly gravitated towards more creative outlets. My inherent passion for fine sewing led to numerous designs and hand-sewn garments for myself and others.  I like to think that I developed a unique style, which was further honed by exposure to an array of fashion, styles, and fabrics while living in Europe for two years

This infusion of international fashion enabled me to approach the design process with a sense of how a garment best complements a client’s personality and figure, with strong focus on elegance and flair. Eventually, my love for the arts motivated me to pursue my dream and so Meki Couture was born... my husband has dotingly called me "Meki" since we were dating. I work from my home-based design studio in Rochester, New York, where I strive to create a welcoming, warm, memorable, and professional environment to work with you on your dream gown. I often express my love for color and texture through other media too, such as glass mosaicing and hand quilting, so let me know if you are interested in those

Finally, I want you to know that Meki Couture is founded in couture sewing with detailed hand work and personalized designs


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